Monday 18 September 2017

Scaling New Heights

    Each day we headed out we were constantly in search of diversions from the road trip boredom for the kids. It didn’t take long to find another spot on the side of the road to stop and do some more rock climbing. Although it appeared that Gavin and Adam undertook this activity with total reckless abandon they had been warned numerous times to take care. Not that us telling them that had any bearing on their actions, both Karen and I were always nearby should our assistance be required, as sooner or later we knew it would be.

      Scaling the face quickly then scrambling up the ridge, our fears were set aside as Gavin reached the top and glanced down. If we had any concerns that he was not aware of his surroundings or the potential peril he could be in, the expression on his face told us he got the message. As he glanced straight down his eyes widened, his eyebrows shot up and his mouth dropped open - it was priceless.         

      Always wanting to emulate his brother, Adam gave no thought whatsoever to how he might get down, he just scrambled to the top and sat next to Gavin. Oh to have the innocence and fearlessness of youth. After all this display of agility, balance and speed Dad had to come to the rescue as on his way down Adam got stuck on a rock outcrop that was just a bit too far for him to jump across to safety so I stepped in to bridge the gap and lift him across.

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