Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Cruisin' Into Summer

    A Toronto Harbour cruise, on a tall ship, at sunset is about as good as a pre-summer evening can get. It was a clear night and the temperature was perfect around 20 degrees C. It was even a bit cool on the water but that was a plus in my book. Built in Germany and launched in 1930 the Kajama is a three masted, gaff-rigged schooner with a passenger capacity of 225 but there were only about 50 last night. As we set sail into the harbour the lines were manned and the sails risen (you can help if you wish) then the gentle breeze off Lake Ontario set the scene of serenity for our hour and a half cruise.
    The Toronto skyline is second to no one when it comes to pleasing beauty and the only way to see it is from the water. The atmosphere onboard at sunset was perfect. Drinks are available, the retro music plays and everyone was in a festive mood. If you enjoy watching airplanes take off and land the ship passes the Billy Bishop Island Airport very closely. What a perfect way to spend times with friends, relax and enjoy the tranquility and charm of the Toronto waterfront.
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