Monday, 27 August 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 3

     We started our day on a very happy note meeting a high school friend Rosemary for breakfast then headed out for Dawson City. Our second bag containing all our rain and cold weather clothing is still missing. FYI, only the tourists call it Dawson City, locals refer to it simply as Dawson. It doesn't matter because most people confuse it with Dawson Creek, BC, Damn TV.
     It was a strange day - rain on and off (mostly off) with the sun out occasionally and dark clouds prevailing the rest of the time. It was a very pretty landscape and we were happy to be there.
     We're staying in a Gold Rush era housekeeping cabin - maybe there's some gold under this linoleum. Suffice to say it's ancient. There's a round cover in the ceiling, undoubtedly the location of the stovepipe.
     We'll be in Dawson all day and night tomorrow then begin the Dempster Highway on Wednesday. A little bit of an hilarious note - we paid $200 for windshield and tire insurance. When I was here in 2003 I thought it a northern scam but discovered it to be valuable. We have already recouped that investment. Four major hits, lovely starbursts. The hilarious part is they all happen on the paved road. I figure the Dempster should just about demolish the windshield.
Yukon River north of Carmacks
south of Stewart Crossing
Ahh - my vacation has officially begun
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