Tuesday, 8 October 2019


At 14 degrees and sunny it was finally a gorgeous day! The Devils Rock Trail south of Cobalt is a very rough three and a half kilometres over huge rocks, roots, mud and fallen leaves and trees - very slippery but somehow we made it unscathed.
They do warn you with a sign when you are approaching the cliffs of Devils Rock.
The cliffs are one of those spots that you see and wonder how they let people go there - no fences or barriers of any kind. Nothing at all between you and disaster. Gavin and Adam, remember Delicate Arch in Utah? Very pretty sight though. The lighting was not great late in the morning but very nice indeed.
Cobalt is an old silver mining town. Not much mining happening these days but there is certainly plenty of evidence of years gone by. We spent some time in the museum then wandered around the town in the afternoon.

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