Tuesday 1 October 2019


With more than a little sadness we left Saskatchewan and entered Manitoba just before noon. Not that there is anything wrong with Manitoba it's just that we had a wonderful time in Saskatchewan. Weather has not been kind to us nor have freaky problems with the "new" SUV - but Manitoba awaits.
I've seen my name on streets and houses in my travels but never a whole municipality. Cool!
On our journey today we took a 50 kilometre detour to see the longest suspension bridge in Canada located in Souris, MB. Why? Because it was there and we were not too far away I suppose. Gavin and Adam will tell you we would never pass up such a thing. It was billed as a swinging bridge. It didn't swing so much as bounce - and yes, I did make it bounce as much as I could.
We are in Brandon, MB because we wanted to see the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum. Well worth a visit if you're ever in the area. Their hangar display is pretty amazing.
We're hoping for a decent day somewhere along our path to home. Today was snow, rain and about 5 degrees. Sounds bad but I prefer that to the 36 I hear southern Ontario is experiencing.

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