Monday, 30 September 2019


I'm feeling much better so we're on the road again. Driving was pretty dicey between Assiniboia and Regina. There's not a lot of snow but the roads are icy. Looks nice but...just outside Regina we passed no less than a dozen vehicles off the road into the median. Some were still there, some had been removed but all left telltale tracks in the snow. As you can see I only clean what is absolutely necessary from the vehicle.
As the morning warmed up a couple of degrees I paid for that as huge amounts of snow blew against the windshield and cascaded down from the roof. Finally Karen had had enough and cleared it herself.
We're staying in Moosomin, a small town about 20 kilometres from the Manitoba border. That's one more thing I love about road trips - discovering places you never knew existed. As we approached the town, sure enough, a moose ran alongside the Subaru for about 5 minutes.
I'm always happy to arrive at our "home" for the night. It's a refreshing new adventure every day.

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