Tuesday 28 June 2022

Maritime Trip - Day 6

 It rained heavily all night and all morning. Put a damper on activity but my car finally got a good wash.
The photo is that clean vehicle parked outside our apartment suite. Busy place eh?

We had a wonderful breakfast - bacon and eggs bought at the local grocery/hardware store and home-made hash browns that I made with potatoes brought from home - yes I brought potatoes on our vacation - lucky we didn't fly here. Dinner will be equally awesome. There are definite advantages to having a full kitchen in the suite.

The rain stopped around noon so we took a walk into town a few kilometres away. The morning fog had not yet lifted but it was a nice walk around the harbour.

Mountain avens flourish on the island which is interesting because it's the national flower of Iceland.

                                                                Westport inner harbour

Just outside of town they have done a huge environmental restoration in the Big Meadow Bog. That entailed building a long boardwalk across the bog to solicit involvement and interest from the community and visitors to the island. Good job Westport!

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