Thursday 30 June 2022

Maritimes Trip - Day 8

Time to move on. Brier Island was wonderful but today we travel to Shelburne, an historic Black Loyalist location. The scenery was not what I expected. Once you're away from the water (which was more than half the time) you'd swear you were in northern Ontario.

We passed through Yarmouth also a very historic area. Lots of grand old homes and very sedate fishing village atmosphere outside the city in Yarmouth Bar. It did rain but we got some good sunny breaks at very opportune moments.

I do a tremendous amount of research before any journey because where we stay is very important to the success of the trip. Overnights don't matter much but a few days needs to be in some sort of housekeeping cabin or cottage if possible. I've been fortunate so far and this one is no different. The Boulder Cove Cottages near Shelburne is perfect for our needs,

                              Tomorrow is all our birthdays - HAPPY CANADA DAY to all!  😎

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