Wednesday 29 June 2022

Maritimes Trip - Day 7

So much to see on this tiny island. As most of you know Karen enjoys walking through cemeteries to learn something about the past generations and communities where we visit. While she is doing that I spend my time photographing - works for both of us.

We were out at the coast guard station, Northern Light, to catch the sunset last night...

Today we took another direction and headed to the Western Light...

There literally is no end to the magnificent seascapes in Nova Scotia...

When we travel we often run into national headlines. In 2017 it was the Air France flight that made an emergency landing in Goose Bay and in 2018 it was the runaway barge/lodge that grounded near Queen Charlotte in Haida Gwaii. Today MSN reported the Tidal Power Platform is now operational and supplying power. We can pretty much see this from our window at the lodge on Brier Island.

Finally a visit to Gull Rock - not particularly well-named as it seems the cormorants have taken over.

We'll be saying a fond farewell to Brier Island in the morning. It has been a short but memorable visit.

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