Saturday 2 July 2022

Maritimes Trip - Day 10

Well, the weather caught up with us today and it was truly dismal so we drove out to Cape Sable Island for a visit. It is Nova Scotia's southernmost point and is only about an hour's drive from where we're staying outside Shelburne. On the way out of our cottage we noticed, once again, the bunny crossing sign...

                                                                   ...and sure enough

As we crossed the causeway onto the island we saw this very interesting tree. Truly unique decorations. Made me think of Christmas.

The blowing wind, the pouring rain and the ever-present fog lent atmosphere to this nature shot.

Mama was out for a walk with the kids - they don't care about the rain they're already as wet as they can be.

The lupins were quite pretty, even in the rain and wind. I'm shocked the photo is as clear as it is...the wind was howling and the plants were flapping.

We were told before we left home the island was inundated with sheep - we were most definitely misinformed, all we saw on the whole island was this guy.

You cannot control the weather but you can make sure you don't let it prevent you from having a good time exploring. 😊

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