Wednesday 20 July 2022

Maritimes Trip - Day 27

It was another one of those roller coaster days, both on the road (beautiful hills and curves) and just weird things happening. We woke up to find all the power in our room was out. All of it meant it was probably the whole house - which it was, in fact it was the whole town of Tadoussac. We were going to leave anyway, this just hastened our departure. That turned out to be a good thing. Even so, there was still time for a final farewell. I'd like to return in the fall sometime.

The very best part of our day took us through the gorgeous Saguenay region. I can't totally make up my mind but it certainly is a strong contender for my love of Quebec's Charlevoix region.

As we left Saguenay things started to look vaguely familiar. I know it's a neighbouring province but isn't this on the wrong side of the Quebec/Ontario border?

That's when things started to turn. I didn't like the place we had selected so, a whole other fiasco aside, we left and continued our drive. It was 5PM. There is precious little to choose from in these parts but we knew we would eventually find something. In the oh so travelling Whitehead way the first town of Senneterre was full. Just as well because dodgy would be too kind to describe the hotels/motels there. It was 9PM when we found a place in Val d'Or after being told at 4 places they were full as well. As is often the case, it was unexpectedly wonderful - that's oft times how we find the nicest places.

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