Thursday 21 July 2022

Maritimes Trip - Day 29

The last day of any journey for me is always the most difficult - there are so many wonderful memories and it hurts to face the fact that it is over. Today was just the drive from North Bay to home; about 4 hours but we stopped off for a couple of hours to visit a high school friend in Huntsville. That helped my transition because I have endearing memories of the good times I spent on the site where his house now sits.

The total distance for the trip was 7372.6 kilometres - I hate to think what that cost in gas! That said, it was worth every penny and every kilometre and I'd like nothing better than to do it all again. Thank you Gavin, Adrienne, Will and Evie and Adam, Rosemary, Logan, Ryder, Emmett and Violet for making this vacation one of the best and most memorable ever and thank you all for following along. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

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