Tuesday 12 July 2022

Maritimes Trip - Day 20

 Sunrises are always a wonderful thing and this morning was no different - even had company.

We managed to track down the original Lady Slipper Drive which is now totally absorbed by the North Cape Coastal Drive. As we drove an old bomber flew overhead, perhaps a training exercise. I got out of the car, took several photos then drove away. No sooner had this happened than he circled around and flew over, a little lower this time. Immediately he made a third pass, even lower this time. Just checking us out.

It's a very pastoral setting - pastoral as in pastures. That being said there are far too many churches. There's one in every village, often in areas where the population in the community is far less than the seating capacity of the church. Still looks beautiful though.

This is our last day here but more importantly, and very sadly, our last day with the kids. All families head their separate ways in the morning. It has been a fabulous vacation with everyone. It allowed Karen and I valuable time to spend with all the grandchildren together, to get to know Adrienne and Rosemary better and to relive some precious moments with Gavin and Adam on the Holiday Road...and what an incredible place to finish, the Sky Family Lodge. It's an airbnb and we have the entire place to ourselves.

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