Thursday 14 July 2022

Maritimes Trip - Day 22

The east end of the island is a little rougher than the rest but I am still very surprised that a lot of PEI is very pastoral - open fields and lots of trees and forests. Things have changed in almost 40 years. 

Our "home" is in the woods but very homey.

As if the cabin didn't take us back in time enough, the immediate community is Mennonite and it hurts just watching how hard this man works.

Random things catch my eye as we drive around. This was a bit of an optical illusion. I swore the church was in the middle of the highway.

The Point Prim lighthouse on the south shore is one of two lighthouses in Canada (the other one is in BC) that is cylindrical in shape. It was a little busy but well worth a visit on this gorgeous day. We noticed on the drive to and from the lighthouse that you can see Nova Scotia from the PEI shore - not quite close enough to show up in a photo.

One more day on PEI then we start our journey home.

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