Saturday 16 July 2022

Maritimes Trip - Day 24

The drive to the Confederation Bridge from the east end of the island was under 2 hours so we had time to enjoy the last of PEI for us...them old tater fields back home.

Crossing the bridge to New Brunswick was quite a bit different than it was the day we crossed to PEI. The traffic going to NB was backed up for about 10 kilometres onto the island that day. We didn't have to wait at all. 

I have always said that most people have driven through New Brunswick at one time or another but few have stopped overnight to enjoy the province, This is our third time on this trip alone. It was a little freaky following a Subaru the same model and colour as mine. Kind of felt like I was following myself. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

The world's longest covered bridge is in Hartland, NB and it really is cool driving over it. Yes it is very long.

There's another, much shorter covered bridge in Florenceville where we stopped for the night. Our GPS and Google Maps both indicated we should cross this bridge to get to the Inn we had booked. All well and good but the bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic for 2 years now. The alternate route was very convoluted and annoying but we made it.

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