Friday 8 July 2022

Maritimes Trip - Day 16

Today was a very unsettling day weather-wise starting with a viscous thunder and lightning storm with lots of rain, enough to make a mess of any dirt trail. That coupled with a heavy growth of all sorts of plants and trees made it easy to avoid this today. 

I have no desire to encounter ticks - I had enough of that in Africa and barely lived to tell about it. The mosquitos are nothing short of horrendous here. The graphic had an actual size - I removed that because they really feel this size.

                      We spent some time at the visitor centre between storms and weather alerts.

Luckily I booked this place months in advance because I was able to get us all as close neighbours. Gavin is attached to our cabin - he on the left and us on the right. Adam is across the road in a larger separate cabin. Tomorrow promises to be a better day.

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