Sunday 15 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 13

Today was more a matter of getting things done than doing things. We had to return the satellite phone - forgetting that would incur a $1400 bill. Make sure we are booked for the ferry tomorrow (we are, as long as the weather cooperates) and pay our MasterCard bills (not necessarily an easy task from here). Along the way we re-visited the L'Anse Amour Lighthouse to see it in the sunshine. Sunshine yes but the wind was vicious. I set my camera on a post (luckily I secured it with the strap) and put the self-timer on to take a photo of Karen and I together - after all it is our 40th anniversary. The wind was so strong it shifted the camera (a heavy dSLR) - the lighthouse is not on that angle.
The Belle Strait was also very deceptive. Hopefully the wind dies down a bit for tomorrow. It was a lot rougher than it looks here.
We're booked into a motel about 7 kilometres from the ferry docks. They have room tomorrow as well if we have to wait out any crazy weather. Luckily we do not travel on a schedule that has to be kept. Stay tuned.
Eric and Karen

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