Wednesday 4 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 3

Off to Churchill Falls in the rain. It was about 4 hours of very relaxing, pretty scenery - tiny lakes and colourful coniferous trees.

When we stopped for photos and lunch it was unbelievably quiet - true silence. As you can see traffic was not an issue.
Churchill Falls is one weird place. The hotel we're in is in a community complex that includes everything the town needs. It looks like an arena. The houses all look the same and all face the same way so the snow plow can fill everyone's driveway in equally. I felt like I was watching an episode of The Twilight Zone.
We were going to stay here for 2 nights but the Whitehead curse (weird stuff always happens) follows us. We wanted to tour the underground power plant but there are no tours until the 10th because the tour guide is on vacation. Nobody else at the plant can handle this?
It stopped raining briefly so we squeezed in another hike. The Bowdoin Canyon looks out of place here but it was worth the effort to get there.
The actual Churchill Falls is a mere shadow of its majestic self. Hydro has taken care of that. It once cascaded over the full width of the rock face in the photo.
It's been a challenge working around the weather and the roads are something else - good and bad - but we are loving the drive. Goose Bay is next.
Karen and Eric


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