Wednesday 18 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 15

Sorry for the delay - no wifi where we're staying. Posting this from the Visitor Centre in Gros Morne NP in Newfoundland. We arrived in Rocky Harbour yesterday and are leaving for Port Aux Basques tomorrow. So far it has been very Gros Mornes and the rest of the day as well. Raining all day and very cold. It snowed yesterday morning just before we got here. Nevertheless Gros Morne is a very special place. We explored it thoroughly when we were here in 2014 so now we're just seeing it a little darker and a little wetter.
Norris Point is still the nicest place in my book - even in the rain.
The Bottom Brook Cottages still reign supreme in Rocky Harbour even if their internet is out for this visit. Owner remembered us - especially when I reminded him I showed up with gout and he sent me to his doctor immediately. He insisted on giving us some moose meat (enough to make a small moose) - sausages, fast fry steaks and full steaks. We have a BBQ here so you'd never know it wasn't beef (still have a couple of full steaks to transport). A bit of a mind game to ignore what you're eating - poor Bullwinkle. Our cottage has a beautiful view of the harbour which is just a short walk away if you want another angle.
This morning we saw a couple of moose but they were a little distance ahead then some guy passed me and scared them off before I got any pictures worth showing. We squeezed in a short hike between rain storms. Kind of hilarious actually. I was wearing a t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, ski jacket and windbreaker complete with scarf, toque, hood and gloves. Wasn't until the end of the hike that I felt warm. Very steep, slippery trail as most have been. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - we are in the mountains after all.
Somehow the rain didn't start until after sunrise, leaving another one of these...
Hopefully we'll be back on line when we get to PAB tomorrow night.
Eric and Karen

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