Sunday 8 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 6

We left Goose Bay just before 9AM. It was snowing but quickly turned to rain. The first 60 kms was paved and we entered the gravel wondering what to expect. The first 150 kms was awful - more potholes than road. Shake, rattle and roll - the rust is breaking away and bits of metal are falling off. Go van go.
Fortunately there were some very tranquil scenes - even in the rain.
We stopped for our road trip lunch at the junction of highways 510 and 516.
The road had leveled off a bit and was relatively smooth now. Paradise after the first half. That's a total of 300 kms of gravel today. We asked for it. 516 heads north to Cartwright. That's the farthest north you can drive in Labrador - reason enough to go there.
Just here overnight. It was going to be two but tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and nothing is open. We're all gassed up and ready to go.
Eric and Karen

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