Friday 6 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 5

We spent a great deal of time today searching for a Falls hiking trail that I am convinced doesn't exist. Absolutely no one knows where it is. It was a nice day about 10 degrees with some sun and our search took us to some nice spots. One was in the town of North West River. Now I don't want to seem insensitive but I found this hilarious. Just how fast and far could this creature have run? I think what made it funnier was the hand-drawn image - no photos of the little fella?
Goose Bay has a very deep and proud military history and rightly so. We visited a Military Cemetery that took quite a while to find but well worth the effort.
Most interred here seem to be the result of military plane crashes and a disturbing number of infants. A very sombre site.
We have changed rooms but then what would a Whitehead vacation be without that. As soon as we got in the room a leg fell off the dining room table (it's a house keeping unit). What else is new. I love it! The people here are so nice about things.
Eric and Karen

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