Tuesday 10 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 8

As some of you already know, our day started with a beautiful sunrise from our room in Port Hope Simpson.
It looked like rain, it was supposed to rain and it did rain a bit but we decided to undertake a hike anyway. It was a murderous 6 km (3 up and 3 down) affair. Unnamed and impossible to find (we got a woman in the nearby gas station to walk us to where the trail began. She said it was very difficult (it was) and spooky. It did have a hobbit, enchanted forest look to it, covered in moss. It was also covered in rocks, roots and stumps and went straight up for about half the length. It didn't really go anywhere - just up but it was pretty.
Although it was cool out we were sweating buckets because of the effort required. As any photographer knows it is impossible to get any perspective of height with a normal lens. This photo was shot straight down though it looks like I'm just standing a distance away on a flat path.
On the way back down Karen swears she heard a bear so all I got was her singing and talking to said bear that wasn't there. We have seen nothing in the way of wildlife. The cook in Cartwright told us we wouldn't likely see any moose because it's moose hunting season and they have all taken refuge deep in the woods. Oh well, I went to Kenya and never saw a lion.
Eric and Karen

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