Thursday 19 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 16

It was with sadness and a touch of pissedoffedness (that's a word I just made up) that we left Gros Morne this morning. A little ticked because it was a beautiful day - sunny, warm, no wind, a perfect day - and we had to spend it driving after numerous days of rain and wind. The silver lining was it was a beautiful drive to Port aux Basques.
As we left the higher mountains behind and entered the area around Corner Brook we were ambushed by people and traffic - probably 25 vehicles in an hour. That's the price you pay to re-enter civilization.
As we approached Port aux Basques the mountains disappeared, the water suddenly appeared and in the blink of an eye we were there. The Newfoundland Railway Heritage Museum is next door to the hotel where we are staying and of course it's closed. However, there are some things you can't hide - like a train.
Karl Pilkington was An Idiot Abroad. This one chose to travel locally this time - well relatively speaking.
Tomorrow we take the ferry to  Nova Scotia - 7 or 8 hours on the boat - Karen's not looking forward to that. Hope for a smooth passage.
Eric and Karen

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