Sunday 22 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 19

We actually had a bit of a sunny day today. Windy and cold but sunny. When we arrived on Isle Madame yesterday it was windy, cold, overcast and raining and the whole atmosphere reminded me of the Moors in England. Now understand me, I have never been to the Moors in England and with the exception of London have never even been to England. However, I have seen An American Werewolf in London several times so consider myself an authority.
We went up to the Cape Auguet lighthouse this morning. It required a hike in the cold and wind but, once again, we were prepared with ski jackets, toques and gloves. It is still October isn't it? Just checking.
After lunch we did our own road trip tour of the island. It's a beautiful place, and just a little unusual - islands off islands, rocky shores and lakes in bays. This is in the middle of Rocky Bay. How does that work exactly?
The town of Arichat where we are staying is on the south shore of the island and is quite an historic town. Lots of churches, cemeteries and memorials. I was standing beside a couple of canons pointing out to sea when I took this shot this afternoon.
Sadly our time is winding down. We should be home in about a week. We have some good times to look forward to as we will be seeing several friends on our trip back home. Keep following us.
Eric and Karen

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