Wednesday 11 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 9

Again we were lucky on a totally overcast day to avoid the rain. Drove up to St. Lewis and Mary's Harbour because we're going to miss them tomorrow when we move on. Managed to squeeze in a few walks between rain drops. The White Water Falls trail was a little unusual as it crossed over the airport runway. Look left, look right, no planes in sight. The falls was nice - obviously no hydro plants nearby.
The Doctor Moret's Cottage trail is very short but there's about 200 stairs on it. The cottage is long gone the overgrown foundation is visible and a heritage sign.
A final short hike had even more stairs. As tiring as it was we got off easy compared to the two women we passed carrying the contents of a pickup truck to the top to a small generating station.
At the end of the day we returned to Port Hope Simpson. The view from this direction was quite pleasing.
Eric and Karen

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