Tuesday 3 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 2

It's been a cold and wet day. Luckily we had some important errands to attend to.There is no cell service in Labrador - especially if you are a Rogers client. For others you may get a signal in the cities but nothing outside. Therefore, the province will loan you, free of charge, a satellite phone. You can't call your friends but you have a direct line to RNC in case of emergencies. They then dispatch what you need - ambulance, tow truck, whatever. Getting that phone was a priority and we had to go to Wabush to get it.
We spent the rest of the rainy day (I suppose we should be happy because it started as snow) visiting museums. Anyone who knows me is now on the floor yelling, "No way!"
The rain stopped for a while and we managed to get a short hike in - short but sweet. It was a very rocky, rooty, steep climb.
The falls had less water than I expected but the setting was nice.
The view from the top was of Labrador and Wabush. Very nice, worth the climb. I had my bear whistle with me so was making a lot of noise. What a maroon.
On to Churchill Falls tomorrow for a couple of days. Supposed to rain then too. We have to make the best of it - that's life. Can't control the weather.
Eric and Karen

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