Monday 16 October 2017

A Great Canadian Road Trip 14

Sadly we left Labrador - it truly is one of Canada's great remaining wildernesses. It took a little doing thanks to the weather. It was extremely windy again and that made the ferry crossing questionable. A boat in St. Barbe (where we were going) had blown astray and was blocking the dock so we couldn't leave. They were also waiting for a Nor'Wester which they eventually got. All totaled we waited at the dock for about 2 hours. Not bad but it was cold so with the engine off we did our best to keep warm.
We were booked on the 1PM crossing. The 8AM was delayed so we arrived at 11AM hoping to get on board. At that moment those booked on the 8AM had priority but we were told to return at noon. We waited. At noon the 1PM crossing took priority so we were in - if it left at all. By 1PM we were actually on board and ready to roll.
It was a rough crossing for a ferry but we made it - after all we did manage the Drake Passage last year. We arrived in Hawkes Bay by 4PM. We did not have anything booked but knew there was a motel there where we had stayed in 2014. Happy to be warm and dry. On to Gros Morne tomorrow.
Eric and Karen

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