Wednesday, 4 September 2019

A very rainy morning turned into a beautiful afternoon which was nice because the drive from Gilford to Sault Ste Maria is not exactly exciting - especially if you've done it half a dozen times.
The French River near Sudbury is near and dear to my heart. Mike and I did a canoe trip back in the seventies. Rather than undertake a lengthy portage we decided we could run the rapids upstream, against the flow! As it turned out, we could not. It didn't do my camera equipment at the time any good as we rolled the canoe. I remember we dragged everything up on shore, sat high up on a rock above the river and drank a bottle of Yukon Jack. Ah, good times.

Today, at this location, I enjoyed yet another wonderful sample of Canadian signage. Some honour; no dogs allowed!
We stopped at Espanola where we had a tour of OJ Graphics, the company that prints all my books. We were going to stay in Espanola but it was too early so we continued on to Sault Ste Marie. All in all that was close to ten hours of driving so we were happy to stop. In this case the sign is correct.
No idea where we will land tomorrow night. Stay with us.

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