Wednesday, 25 September 2019


There's something about a sunrise that gets my attention - even more than a sunset. I guess it's the promise of a wonderful day to come.
There is a labyrinth on the property where we're staying. A place of solace, reflection and meditation. It was very difficult not to think of Ruth as we walked it this morning.
It was cool (about 8 degrees) and windy but in a lot of ways a perfect day for a nice hike. This is not the most comforting thing to see as you start your trek.
This was certainly not what I pictured Saskatchewan to be like. These are mountains around here. A 100 metre rise over about a kilometre - not extreme but certainly more work than driving. It was very reminiscent of a hike we took with our friend Dave in Arizona in 2012. The Go John Trail was much like this - well except for the cacti.
It was incredibly windy at the top. I found myself desperately looking for something to hang onto - PS, there is nothing.
On the return trip we had some welcome visitors. They were quite close so we waited for them to cross the path before proceeding. Don't want to get between mama and the kids.
Our home away from home at Grasslands is a loft suite above the double car garage. Unbelievably peaceful and quiet - except for that constant, howling wind. Seems rather gothic at times. Werewolves of London anyone?

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