Friday, 6 September 2019

Another on again/off again/threatening rain day. We started in Terrace Bay with a nice hike before hitting the road. Down a loose sand and rocky slope to the beach risking twisted ankles, broken legs, insect infestations and the ever-present threat of bear attacks, it was a wonderful start to the morning.
On yet another mid-seventies canoe trip Paul and I discovered the delightful community of Rossport. Sadly the town has died - a perfect spot for Jonny Harris' Sill Standing show - only problem is there are not enough people left to make the show.
The Terry Fox monument in Thunder Bay is always worth a visit. His Marathon of Hope ended here and it's a very solemn site. This place will be an absolute zoo next weekend for the annual Terry Fox Run.
We arrived at Kakabeka Falls around 5PM. The motel we're in is called the Telestar Motel. I'm pretty sure it was named in honour of the news of the day and hasn't changed much since - 'nuff said. Fortunately the Falls is rather awesome, though I can't figure out why the water above the falls is very sparse, below is nearly dry yet the falls themselves are raging. I'm sure it has something to do with extraterrestrial aliens.
If you relax and take your time you can stay in Ontario forever. It's like bloody Texas, it just goes on and on. We don't have to be in Manitoba until Monday so will enjoy our home province as much as we can.

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  1. I believe that we stayed in that hotel. Memorable...