Saturday, 7 September 2019


Another dull, dreary day but it wasn't bad because the drive to Dryden was relatively short made even shorter as we crossed our first time zone of this trip pretty close to the Arctic Watershed.
We wanted to stay in Dryden to give us a little time for some genealogy research. My Uncle Albert (my mother's brother) lived here a long time. The Dryden Public Library was a huge help - spent a good hour with us, We came away with his date of birth and death and marriage details. They also told us where he lived and we were able to stop by and see the house. I wanted to come up with more information...we're so sorry, Uncle Albert. Funny we had originally planned to stay at the Riverfront Lodge but selected a small motel because we're only here the one  night. The lodge was directly across the road from my uncle's house. We traded down to the Hideaway Inn.
Just before dinner we had to rush out to see Max the Moose, He's famous around here. Oh well, Life in a Northern Town (another great song title).

Not sure where we're headed tomorrow - a sunny day would be nice.

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