Saturday, 28 September 2019


It was punishing cold today. Temperature around 1 degree but a wind so cold it brought that down to minus 15. It's only been fall for a week!
Castle Butte is in the Saskatchewan Badlands. Many say it is difficult to find and if you didn't know what you were looking for that would be true. It's on a private ranch but you have to ignore all those warnings and forge onward.
What it is didn't concern me as much as the fact that it was here at all. I must say the Saskatchewan landscape has been the biggest surprise to me. It sure isn't all flat fields of wheat folks.
I felt like I was circling Canada's answer to Devils Tower as we made our way around to the back side. As I recall we darn near froze when we were at the Tower with the kids in the early nineties.
This side is riddled with little caves. We entered one as far as we could which was not far at all. We had no idea what to expect but nothing came charging out at us so we were good.
St. Victor has petroglyphs which we saw but were unable to take full advantage due to the weather. As if it wasn't cold enough the glyphs were high up on a butte ridge. The wind actually shook the car.
GPS is a marvelous invention and can be very useful. However, there are areas that are not mapped and they become quite useless evidenced by this view as we left the petroglyphs in St. Victor.
Well my beloved Subaru can no longer be referred to as new. We took a stone hit when we got off the gravel road onto a PAVED road. Not just a little stone chip - this is an eight inch crack with a bullet hole in the middle. Hope the windshield lasts until we get home. It will need to be replaced.

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