Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Every day we spend in this province I am more and more amazed how diverse it is. In my mind I was expecting this and only this...
...but as the twisted trees of yesterday did, today's entry just boggled my mind again. I imagined this must have come about by a conversation made with someone with hearing like mine. "A grain elevator?! I could have sworn you said to build you a light house!"
As out of place and not necessary as it is it provided a good workout for us as we had to climb 152 irregularly spaced and occasionally high steps to get to it. Once there I took one shot and was informed the battery was dead. Did I have another battery? Of course I did, I'm not an idiot. It was in the car - and so was my iPhone I could have used as a backup. So yes, I went back down, then up again because I certainly could not visit such a place and not take photos.
All's well that ends well!

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