Tuesday, 24 September 2019


The weather looked iffy so we decided the Ecotour Scenic Drive through the park would be a good option for the day. About 5 hours of driving which included several short hikes made for a very enjoyable day. Lucky we selected this option because our voyage was cut short by a horrific storm. I would have bet any amount that a tornado would have developed.
We started by gassing up in Val Marie. Made me feel like I was in Tuktoyaktuk again.
On the way to the park we came across several abandoned homesteads. Sadly, an all too common sight in Saskatchewan.
There is far more variety in the Saskatchewan landscape than I ever imagined.
Once in the park it paid to pay attention. This is usually the sort of shot I would Photoshop but I didn't need to. It really was there - near the sign!
There are numerous signs warning you are entering an area of high wildlife collisions. That is a little misleading. Perhaps it should say a high rodent squashing area. There are thousands of these guys along the fringe of the roadway, all popping out to have a look as you pass by.
Our final stop provided a bit of entertainment - memories of our days out west with the boys in 2002. Oddly enough we have not gotten any better at this in the ensuing 17 years.
Shortly after that the weather changed dramatically as we had been warned might happen. The sky got black, bolt lightning all around and vicious gale force winds. With thoughts of flash floods and tornados the closure of the road we were on made it easy for us to decide perhaps we'd better head back.

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