Wednesday, 18 September 2019


We're on the road again. It was another interesting drive from North Battleford to Leader. This part of the province is a seemly endless expanse of open fields and roads. There was some wildlife though - and we actually saw it! Rare for us.
Once again Saskatchewan had a surprise in store for me. I suppose if the wheat doesn't yield enough revenue maybe there's something under the wheat.
In a lot of ways it was the isolation of the day's drive that impressed me. This photo is the true definition of vanishing point. I love that I was standing in the middle of the highway to take this and just before I did someone coming the other way stopped and asked, "Everything good?" Canada has the greatest people on Earth.

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  1. Nice shot of the coyote, they are usually scared off. The bison was eyeing you so be prepared for a fast exit. And the pump jacks are all over.