Monday, 23 September 2019


We didn't get out of Moose Jaw 'til around noon - hence the lateness of this posting. We stopped for awhile to watch the barnstorming insanity of the 15 wing air force pilots. 90 degree landings, touch and go, we can only hope our commercial airline pilots are this good.
The topography changed on today's drive. It didn't get flatter, as a matter of fact it was actually a bit hilly in some spots, but the view seemed to get even wider. Less trees, more sky, quite pretty.
Apparently construction is a curse everywhere - but here? Really? Is that light necessary? I mean I can see all the way to Montana from here!
We are at The Crossing at Grasslands now in Grassland National Park, very close to the US border. It's a beautiful spot - our own loft suite. We have a BBQ so I'm good for just about anything.
We'll be here until Friday. This is the farthest west we are going on this trip and is actually our "destination" if you will. From this point we head back east.

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