Thursday 6 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 13

     It seems we have been fortunate in locating several Canadian Military sites at various small airports across Canada. Such was the case in Watson Lake. The whole airport is a museum memorializing the local veterans of WWII. Very interesting, especially being in such a remote area.
     The return trip to Whitehorse was beautiful because for the first time on the trip so far we had a totally sunny day. The temperature was around 15 degrees which I absolutely love. We stopped in at the airport. The Whitehorse people are the only ones trying to help us at Air Canada. Still no sign of our bag. We also added a day to our car rental. We have an early flight (6AM) on Saturday morning.
     I think we have found a new Worst Motel EVER. The Airport Chalet in Whitehorse is retro but irretrievable retro. Whenever they built it, it has not been improved - and we're here for 2 nights! What a DUMP!!
Serviceman Memorial - Watson Lake
Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre
Alaska Highway to Whitehorse
nearing Whitehorse

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