Sunday 23 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 30

     The day went from drizzling as we left Cache Creek to a beautiful sunny day by the time we arrived at Dave and Christy's at Rose Lake. I still had trouble adjusting to a desert in BC as we left Cache Creek and it stayed with us as we entered Clinton to the north.
     Clinton was a nice enough town but about 20 vintage cars parked on the main street made it irresistible. We talked to the owners for awhile - these cars have bigger engines and better equipment than a lot of cars on the road today. The care that goes into them shows in the immaculate finishes and attention to historic detail.
     As we got further north on Highway 97, near 70 Mile House, the sun came out in time to treat us to the beautiful fall colour in the hills. By the time we reach Dave and Christy's it was a legitimate beautiful day. After about 4 days of rain this was a welcome sight and feeling.
leaving the desert-like terrain of Cache Creek
vintage cars in Clinton
fall colour near 70 Mile House
Dave and Christy's - our home for the next 3 days

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