Tuesday 18 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 25

     Travel days are usually not exciting and often (at least for me) stressful days - we are presently in the Sandspit airport (for 7 hours) awaiting a 4 o'clock flight, hence the early posting. The timing on holidays does not always work, therefore, we were up at 5:15AM to get to the docks in Skidegate by 8. Lucky we did because it was dark, raining and the traffic was horrendous - I think we passed 10 cars in 100 kilometres.
     We each made our connection; Dave and Christy the BC Ferry to Prince Rupert and Karen and I the local ferry to Sandspit. As when we arrived on Haida Gwaii it was windy and raining. The amazing thing is the weather was almost perfect between those two events.
     So we bid a fond farewell to Haida Gwaii, on our way to Vancouver for a few days. It was a cultural experience in a beautiful part of Canada that few see. We are blessed to be amongst those who did and the journey has touched us - the natural beauty of Canada is second to none and one can never run out of opportunities to participate in life from coast to coast to coast.
it was a delightful 10 days
a little less than 7 hours in the Sandspit airport and nothing much changed

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