Thursday 13 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 20

     The Pesuta was a 264 foot barge shipwrecked in a winter storm in the Hecate Strait in 1928. The remains lie north of the Tlell River on East Beach in the town of Tlell where we are staying.
     A hiking trail leads out to the ruins. It is a moderately difficult trail of 10 kilometres round trip (though at times that certainly felt like 20) but it is a beautiful hike and well worth the effort. The first 2 kilometres is through a beautiful BC rain forest; some steep hills, a few roots and some muddy sections but by and large a very enjoyable journey on soft moss pathways.
     The forest trail leads down to the beach which is a gravel roadway that continues for 3 kilometres to the site of the wreck. The ship did not miss the open ocean by a lot - missed it by that much! The return trip was a little dicey as the tide was coming in quickly and spots we easily crossed on the way in were now underwater. We made it back to the van, weary but very happy we made the attempt.
The Pesuta Hiking Trail
The wreck of the Pesuta
                                                                Eric and Karen at the Pesuta
the cranes visit our cottage each night to steal the chicken feed for the resident fowl

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