Thursday 27 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 34

     Sadly our trip is all but finished. Today was essentially the last day. Tomorrow we head back to Vancouver then fly home on Saturday. I suppose it's only fitting we should finish in Hope. The tour of the Rambo movie sites is a self-conducted tour of 13 sites that no longer exist. There has to be a  joke there.
     In the nearby Coquihalla Gorge the river cut a 300 foot deep channel through the rock. It is even more impressive than Hell's Gate in spots. The Othello Tunnels is a straight line of abandoned railway tunnels built through the solid granite. There are some spectacular viewing opportunities and the one remaining site from First Blood is the rock face between tunnels one and two. You remember the scene where the evil deputy falls to his death out of the helicopter. So sad.
     They were filming an unknown (to me) TV show in the canyon. That was interesting, especially the behemoth drone they use over the river. Modern technology is indeed impressive.
Othello Tunnels
our shadows in the tunnel
Othello Tunnel Trail
modern movie technology - this contraption is likely worth more than my house

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