Saturday 15 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 22

     It didn't take long to get to Massett and we found out quickly it depended where you were as to whether there was one T or two in the town name. It is definitely the largest and most populous town in Haida Gwaii. One thing that is undeniable - it was a glorious day; sunshine, gorgeous blue skies and a temperature of about 14 degrees.
     There's an Old Massett as well. It is more cultural being on the reservation. All street signs are in Haida and sadly, the homes are quite dilapidated in spots. There are totems everywhere and most of the people we saw live there. Not a lot in the way of tourists and crowds. Awwww.
cranes swarm the chicken ranch to get to the grain feed in the ground
totems galore in Old Massett
a serious decision on nutrition
designated locations for hitchhiking in Haida Gwaii

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