Saturday 1 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 8

     It wasn't easy but WE MADE IT! The new Tuktoyaktuk Highway is treacherous for about a third of it's 140 kilometres. How can a new road (November 2017) get so bad so fast? The top and bottom third are washboard/pothole city but the middle third is a quagmire. A few days rain hasn't helped.
     It was 2 degrees with gale force winds plummeting the temperature to about 15 below. The rocky shore would literally have been death defying so wading into the Arctic Ocean was out of the question.
     Our reservation was screwed up so we returned to Inuvik. We are now ahead of schedule which means we will probably have no place to stay tomorrow if we get to Eagle Plains. The car is a possibility but it's damn cold at night and we don't have anything particularly warm. Another issue is the ferries have not been running. It's all part of the adventure - we'll keep telling ourselves that.
end of the tree line
yes - that's the road

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