Friday 21 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 28

     The BC weather finally caught up to us big time. The rain overnight was torrential and minus some timely breaks it continued throughout the entire day and into the evening today. The Trans Canada Highway from Vancouver to Hope is not exactly stimulating so we got off at Abbotsford. As good a plan as that was there seemed to be more bloody people on the secondary road. I knew where I wanted to go but the Canadian road sign conundrum reared it's ugly head. I decided following a utility truck would get us going but we soon stopped behind it to ask where the hell we were.
     Back at the TCH we took a very short hike up to the Bridal Veil Falls. A steady climb to the foot of the falls, the result of a moisture-challenged summer, it was a nice break in the drive.
     We arrived in Hope mid-afternoon just in time for the skies to open and damn near drown us. Hope is a victim of the times. Many people in Vancouver told us there is no hope for Hope. Like countless towns along Route 66, Hope has suffered by the Trans Canada Highway passing through it. Why does progress always seem to destroy history? We were here in the early 80s and it was a charming mountain time. Now you have to get off the highway and search for the remaining signs of the old Hope. The ultimate blow came in 2011 when the Rambo bridge was demolished - a beloved piece of history gone forever.
Bridal Veil Falls
Karen on the Bridal Veil hiking trail
the approach to Hope, BC
old Hope - the appearance before the TCH brought hordes of people and ruined the ambiance

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