Monday 10 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 17

     It has been a typhoon rainy day. Every once in awhile a teaser appears in the sky in the form of the sun trying to break through but alas that does not last. Hopefully Dave and Christy arrive late this afternoon. They have their van so we are here at the moment without a vehicle.
     Enter Holly. Holly is a patient of the doctor Karen works for and was born and raised on Haida Gwaii. Her family lives here and Holly is visiting right now. A bonus indeed for us. She borrowed her sister's car and toured us around Queen Charlotte this afternoon. It gave us the opportunity to see some of this end of the island because without her we would surely be trapped in our "home". She has even arranged for her brother to take us crabbing this evening.
     Even though it was raining we managed to see some natural, unenhanced carvings and attacked a hiking trail that was reminiscent of one we did in Labrador last year. A spongy, mossy, rooty trail that basically went straight up, it took us through the dark woods trying our best not to fall and come rolling down. Some call this recreation.
unenhanced original carvings
Heritage Centre
St. Mary's Spring Trail

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