Sunday 16 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 23

     Once again today was a perfect weather day. Clear blue skies and about 15 degrees - it actually got hot walking in the sun. The drive up Tow Hill Road was beautiful through heavy forests emerging through tunnels into the sunlight at times. We passed a nudist camp sign but as much as Dave and I looked we couldn't find anything. Maybe someone tampered with the sign as was evidenced when we got to the Old Ass Road.
     The hike at Agate Beach was on comfortable hard-packed sand so seemed effortless. Not so for the salt marsh hike that followed as we circled the marsh on an nondescript circuit of roads and trails. When I asked the guy in the centre how far it was he indicated, "Oh, it's quite a ways." He was right.
unusual moss pods in the branches on Tow Hill Road
Agate Beach
it was a peaceful walk - notice the crowds - I feel like I'm in Nova Scotia
Christy and Karen finishing the beach walk
the sign says it all

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