Tuesday 25 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 32

     Cloud and mist in the valleys were the words of the day. Karen and I don't get to see beautiful countryside like this often so we thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hour drive (one way) to Barkerville. It is a gold rush town from the mid nineteenth century and oozes charm and authenticity right down to the roaming re-enactors.
     One really should have 2 days to do this justice but we managed to see all the highlights in the time we were there. We also took a hike to nearby Richfield, on a distant extension of the site. The sign promised a 1 6/10 kilometre, easy, 30 minute walk. You know as well as I do that was not about to happen. It was uphill most of the way so "easy" didn't ring too true. We also managed a 3 km detour because the Canadian Sign Conundrum raised its head once again. In this case, no signs whatsoever. A fork in the road should indicate which path to take; before you climb a mountain to encounter a barrier at the top. When we arrived at the courthouse in Richfield the "judge" agreed with us that a sign would be nice and perhaps the barrier should be placed at the forks not at the top. Nevertheless it was a red ribbon day.
cloud and mist in the valley
it doesn't get much more authentic than this
the church is the centrepiece of Barkerville

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