Sunday 2 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 9

     It has been one crazy day and how we ever made it is beyond me. It snowed which means a variety of things here. The highest point was the mountain pass at the NWT/Yukon border - just after I took the photo below there was about a foot of snow on the road. Fortunately someone had driven through so there were a couple of ruts, We passed an oil tanker truck stuck. I went back to see if we could take him somewhere when he suddenly got going, blowing his horn for me to get out of his way.
     The journey was just under 400 kms and took 7 hours. When we arrived in Eagle Plains the road was closed - that's our hotel the other side of the barrier. Karen walked into the hotel and found someone to let us through. The road had been closed all day because of the conditions we drove through. We must have just got on the road before they closed it at the other end.
     We wanted an adventure and so far that's what we're getting.
leaving Inuvik - many would say I'm crazy but I love driving in this
Rengleng River
other than chipmunks and ravens, the only wildlife we've seen on this trip
mountain pass just before the snow
road closed - that's our hotel the other side of the barrier

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