Monday 17 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 24

     We awoke to the news that Air Canada seems to have located our luggage; they were informing me that they planned to send it to us in Inuvik. Well, we haven't been there for two weeks now. They just keep amazing me.
     Our home in Masset looks even nicer at sunrise. It has been a wonderful place - not much of a view but the house is perfect.
     Created by molten lava being forced up in cracks in the earth's crust Tow Hill has the best hiking trails I have ever seen. Plank boardwalks sealed in shingle-like slip-proof covers with a visible leading edge made the stairs safe and manageable and the flatter surfaces wheelchair accessible. The network is about 4 kilometres long but leads to some very interesting, beautiful sites.
     This is our last day together on Haida Gwaii - not counting the drive back to Skidegate at 6AM tomorrow. We plan to go out to dinner to celebrate our good fortune. Thank you Dave and Christie for making this such a meaningful and memorable vacation. Old friends are the best friends and I don't mean age I mean duration.
Eagle's Landing sunrise
that's Alaska in the background - it really is
the blowhole
the Haida Gwaii explorers for the last time
Dave on the Tow Hill Trail

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