Monday 24 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 31

     A day to observe and enjoy nature in the splendour that is BC. It started at sunrise at Dave and Christy's home and was followed by a morning rainbow shortly thereafter. The River Valley Trail in Williams Lake was enjoyable (trying to ignore the invasion of snakes on the pathway) in part due to the glorious weather, sunny and about 14 degrees.
     A visit to Horsefly finished our day as we were fortunate to see the very last of the salmon run. These were definitely the Bruce Willises of the fish world - swimming slowly and refusing to die. A hike along the artificial spawning channels led us back down to the Horsefly River where the deer watched us cautiously as we passed by.
Rose Lake sunrise
morning rainbow - no pot of gold though
River Valley Hiking Trail - Williams Lake
last of the Horsefly salmon run
the deer are watching us just as intently as we are watching them - maybe more

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